Kiln Bricks For Sale In RS Factory

Kiln Bricks For Sale

Kiln Bricks For Sale in RS factory, also called refractory bricks or fire bricks, are manufactured with high quality fire clay or other refractory raw materials through firing into different shapes and sizes, which can resist super high temperature and slag erosion.

There are many kinds of kiln bricks for sale in Rongsheng, such as high alumina bricks, silica bricks, fire clay bricks, magnesia bricks, corundum brick, mullite bricks, alumina refractory bricks and so on. If you plan to build a kiln, furnace or boiler, you can consider buying the suitable kiln bricks from RS refractory bricks manufacturer.

Kiln Bricks For Sale In RS Factory
Kiln Bricks For Sale

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Description For Kiln Bricks For Sale

Kiln bricks include two types of hard bricks and soft bricks.

  • Hard bricks are very strong and dense that can be used as structural support in the kilns with excellent properties of extreme high temperature resistance and chemical erosion resistance.
  • Soft bricks are excellent insulating fire bricks but less dense than hard bricks, which can be used in the kilns that need insulation.

Application Of Kiln Bricks For Sale

Kiln bricks are used to line inside of kiln (furnace, fire place, etc.) and service as working lining and insulating lining to protect the kiln body from chemical and mechanical damage, and also can prolong the kiln’s life.

Kiln Bricks In Rongsheng
Kiln Bricks

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How To Make Kiln Bricks?

First, seclect the suitable raw materials to make kiln bricks.

  • Select extra-high bauxite clinker as the main raw material.
  • Pyrophyllite fines: 325 meshes, its main components are Al2O3≥18%, Fe2O3<0.5%, K2O<0.3%.
  • Binding clay: soft clay: 190 meshes, its main components are Al2O3≥34%, Fe2O3<1.0%, K2O<0.3%.
  • Paper pulp

Second, preparation and firing.

  • After the selection for raw materials, then start to prepare powder and pug. According to certain proportion, make the kiln bricks into the shaped refractory materials after molding and firing in the high temperature.

Kiln Bricks For Sale Supplier

We sale and customize all kinds of kilns bricks with any shapes, sizes, properties and so on that according to your special requirements for your plan. Please click the following pages on refractory bricks to find what you want and contact us for free quote.

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